Humanmood is a conscious curation of all things dedicated to self-love and total wellbeing.

Humanmood offers an array of self-love rituals, ancient wisdom & knowledge, wellness products of the purest quality, and private healing & transformative sessions with a variety of modalities including Reiki, Yoga Nidra & PSYCH-K, all serving as tools for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Created as an extension of founder Alison Godbier’s personal experiences and profound transformations, every touch point is designed to go beyond the notion of self-care to total and unconditional self-love. Her vision is to empower spiritually connected, passionate and self-aware women towards an even deeper connection with themselves.

Humanmood selects only the most unique and exclusive wellness brands of the highest quality. When picking health and beauty products it is important for us to consider scents and ingredients that enhance mood and work harmoniously with the human body, specifically on a healing level.